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Old Vid #2
Added: 2011-06-17 Time: 00:54
Old Vid #2
Gay Porn : 1330
We're BACK!!!
Added: 2011-06-17 Time: 00:13
We're BACK!!!
Gay Porn : 1656
Unreleased VFid
Added: 2011-06-17 Time: 04:03
Unreleased VFid
Gay Porn : 1481
Steve cruz & heath jordan
Added: 2011-06-16 Time: 26:26
Steve cruz & heath jordan
Gay Porn : 7764
Flip Flop Bareback Breeders   - By Sebastian's Studio
Added: 2011-06-16 Time: 01:51
Game turned into an orgy   - By Masculine Bears
Added: 2011-06-16 Time: 01:41

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Pajaa 20a
Added: 2011-06-15 Time: 01:08
Pajaa 20a
Gay Porn : 1296
German chubby goes horny...
Added: 2011-06-15 Time: 08:24
German chubby goes horny...
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Added: 2011-06-15 Time: 03:06
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Post Game Strokin   - By Daddy Mugs
Added: 2011-06-14 Time: 01:20
Manly Sex   - By Raw Sex Pigs
Added: 2011-06-14 Time: 00:56
Manly Sex - By Raw Sex Pigs
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Big Hairy Officer   - By Best Studs
Added: 2011-06-14 Time: 01:00
Super hairy bear fucking his tiny twink friend by gaypridevault
Added: 2011-06-13 Time: 03:41
Daddy Bull fucks Fabian Bear  - By Chris Marsan
Added: 2011-06-12 Time: 00:48
poor twink getting his anus pounded by gay bear by GayPrideVault
Added: 2011-06-12 Time: 03:48
Hairy Booty Call
Added: 2011-06-12 Time: 05:49
Hairy Booty Call
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Ari Sylvio and Berke Banks
Added: 2011-06-12 Time: 04:15
Ari Sylvio and Berke Banks
Gay Porn : 3067
Fat bear humping his tiny little gay friend By GayPrideVault  - By Pride Vault
Added: 2011-06-11 Time: 06:10
Old gay bear fucking much younger dude by gaypridevault  - By Pride Vault
Added: 2011-06-11 Time: 02:12
job interview resulting in hot steamy gay porn By Workingcock
Added: 2011-06-11 Time: 06:10
jayden is getting his butthole massaged By Massagevictim
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cum cum
Added: 2011-06-10 Time: 02:02
cum cum
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My Boy's Birthday Surprise.p3   - By Gay Creeps
Added: 2011-06-10 Time: 05:07
Hairy Bear   - By Best Studs
Added: 2011-06-10 Time: 01:05
Hairy Bear - By Best Studs
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Breaking The Tension.p3   - By Gay Creeps
Added: 2011-06-09 Time: 05:12
Phil enjoys laying back for Enviro
Added: 2011-06-09 Time: 05:08
Beefy Lifeguard   - By Male Porn Pass
Added: 2011-06-09 Time: 01:00
el rompe culo   - By Grey Fox Lounge
Added: 2011-06-09 Time: 01:05
Just Between Us.p6   - By Gay Creeps
Added: 2011-06-09 Time: 05:12
Tattooed Wrestler Fucked Hard   - By Kinky Gay Bears
Added: 2011-06-09 Time: 01:40
matt and jason shave shower and suck
Added: 2011-06-09 Time: 31:22
Life Guard Secrets   - By Male Porn Pass
Added: 2011-06-09 Time: 01:16
Bears fucking with a big dick
Added: 2011-06-09 Time: 06:21
Hairy Bear   - By Male Porn Pass
Added: 2011-06-08 Time: 01:10
Fucking Lost in XXL dreams   - By Cazzo Club
Added: 2011-06-08 Time: 02:04
Piss Whore Begs !   - By Husky Hunks
Added: 2011-06-08 Time: 02:14
Chub fucking a twink bareback
Added: 2011-06-08 Time: 10:47
Big Muscle Stud   - By Best Studs
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Fat Cock   - By Male Porn Pass
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Monkey pup cub gets it in the butt
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Rough and Tough Gay Bears Porn

In gay bears porn, men tend to have hairy bodies and facial hair. Some are heavy-set or muscular and some project an image of rugged masculinity in their grooming and appearance. Are you the passive type of guy who wants to have someone who is dominant? If your answer is yes, then a gay bear is the perfect man for you. A bear is every gay man's fantasy. If you are into rough and wild sex with a twist of Dominion, then there is no doubt that a bear is the right gay guy for you. They can give you an extremely amazing sex, with their muscular and hairy bodies. Bears can give you what you desire. Gay bears porn takes you to your wildest bear fantasies.