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Today 3 athletic hotties meet up to toss around the ol' pigskin and a different kind of skin too. Sexy and smooth, Krys Perez, tight bodied muscular, Sean Mason and fuzzy twinky blonde, Alex Andrews, all enjoy working up a sweat in the San Diego sun while keeping their football skills sharply honed, showing off their hot supple bodies and working on golden tans. Throwing around balls for hours, they really work up their libidos and can't wait to get back to the FratHouse basement for some much-needed downtime. Not a minute passes after they all plop down on the sofa when Krys reveals that he's incredibly horny as he leans in pressing his lips against Sean's and licking the inside of his mouth. Feeling his dick fill with blood just from watching this sensually seductive display, Alex reaches over to massage Sean's crotch through his jeans, as he tilts his head to trace circles with his tongue around a perfectly erect chocolate nipple. The two run their hands over Sean's gorgeous muscular frame until neither can take it any longer. They both help to pull his red-hot boxer-briefs down to his knees, letting that aching circumcised cock flop against his stomach like a fish out of water. Krys immediately wraps his scruffy mouth around that huge black penis and starts sucking, while Alex takes over on make-out duty. Sean is so turned on while having his fat dick throated while locking lips, that he unbuttons Alex's jeans and moves to swallow his meaty uncut monster all the way down to his furry pendulous nuts. The last to rip his pants down and change the direction of the blowjob tides, is Krys, as he sits back on the arm of the couch and lets Sean put his amazing oral skills to the test, sucking his chubby into a jaw-breaking boner flying at full mast. The three go at it for what seems like forever until Sean pulls his spit covered lips away from chewing on Krys's meat and asks if anyone else is down for some fucking; just the kind of initiative I like to see. Sean gets on all fours as he continues inviting Krys to nut in his hungry mouth while Andrew slowly works to stretch Sean's beautiful virgin hole as he pushes his fat uncut dick in balls-deep between two perfect scoops of butter-pecan ice-cream. Sean can barely contain his screams of pleasure as his visibly heavy dick bounces back and forth while Alex passionately lays up into the tightest sugar-walls he's ever experienced. After giving his prostate a stern talking to, Alex pulls out to give Krys a turn with the tightest hole on the planet. Sean holds himself directly above Krys's lap while a fully automatic weapon repeatedly penetrates him until the clip is totally emptied. Alex gets to go again, this time with Sean on his back and legs squirming in the air, till Krys and Alex both shout out that they're going to cum as Sean scrambles to crouch down so they can feed him their milky loads. Burst after burst of joy juice lands in his mouth as he pumps his own handle and explodes a huge wad of his own all over his stomach and legs. Such a heartwarming scene to behold, when young frat boys do some serious bonding.

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