Fourway Fuckfest - By Nakedfrathouse

Added: 2011-05-20 14:40:01

Submitted By: Anonymous

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Coach Devin pulls three pussy boys out into the back of the locker room and tries to whip their asses into shape. Snatch, Adam and Trevor are the unlucky three to be at the end of Devin's harsh tongue. Devin forces the college jocks to excercise and workout, in their jockstraps! He has no leniency or tolerance for underperformance. Finally, realizing he's not going to get anything out of the lot, he gets them down on their knees and tries to figure out if anything is worth salvaging. Devin discovers that indeed there is - all three know very well how to work out a cock, his cock. Adam starts the suck off, swallowing the coach's cock, getting it nice and hard for Trevor to follow up. Trevor licks Coach Devin's mushroom head, worshipping his cock. Devin decides Trevor's ass is the next hole he wants to explore and throws him up on the locker to shove his cock in the blond bottoms hole. Adam meanwhile decides to bend Snatch over an exercise ball and go to town on his teammate's ass. Getting the room nice and steamy, Devin finally gets Trevor onto his knees and gives him his just desserts.

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