Ginger Pounds Muscle Stud - By Dirty Tony

Added: 2012-03-24 06:00:01

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Man, it's so hot in here that I think I'm going to give our beefy handsome newcomer Darius Soli and regular Dirty Tony stud, Krys Perez some popsicles to help them cool off; or keep things hot. Krys and Darius take turns pushing and pulling their frozen red pops in and out of each other's mouths. Darius even took two together at the same time, before they quickly move on to making out and rubbing the frozen ends of their sticks on each others nipples and then licking up the mess. After a short bit of sensual play with their desserts, Krys dominantly moves onto the next course and pushes Darius back on the bed while he pulls shorts off and immediately throats his instantly hard cock. Darius is paralyzed with pleasure and lays there helpless while Kryz expertly works his cock with his skillful tongue techniques. Turning the tables, Darius pushes Krys to his knees and swallows his long hard dick all the way down to his pubes. Krys fucks his face and flips around to take Darius's pants off before climbing further up to straddle his face. Krys' asshole gets the tongue-bath of a lifetime. Feeling that slimy prehensile digit dancing around the edge of his sensitive manhole really gets Krys' appetite worked up to fuck some big juicy ass. Climbing back down from that muscle mountain, Krys lifts both of Darius's massive legs in the air and begins slapping his long swollen mansword against his puckered pink exit hole. Darius can't resist moaning as Krys slowly slides his cock past the edges of his asshole and deeper into the interior of his abdomen. Pumping his hips, Krys knocks it to him good as Darius's eyes roll back in his head and his mouth hangs open with strands of drool beginning to gather in the corners. Flipping him onto his knees, Krys continues banging that abused hole while Darius sounds like he's crying; probably from a mixture of intense pleasure and pain. Finally, Krys takes a load off, and lays back against the headboard while Darius climbs on top and inserts that cock back into his friendly hole delivering exactly the right amount of pressure to his prostate before exploding his thick milk all over Krys's smooth chest. Darius scoops up a few globs of deliciousness and feeds it to Krys. Nearly on the edge as it is, Krys quickly pulls his cock out and jumps up to kneel next to Darius's head laying back on the bed and sprays shot after shot of stinging cum into his eager mouth. And the hottest part was Darius sucking every last drop of semen from Krys's cock once both of their orgasms had faded!

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