Hot Muscle Latino Stud Fucks... - By Dirty Tony

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that dick with his tight lips and even tighter throat until it's his turn. Pulling both of their shorts completely off, Fabian climbs on top of Trent straddling his chest before plunging his throbbing boner deep into Trent's mouth. He continues face-fucking him; taking short breaks to let Trent suck on his heavy, egg-shaped balls. Fabian yanks on his thick cock - slick with Trent's saliva. Finally, Fabian has had enough and is ready to fuck. He lies down next to Trent, turning him on his side and holding his left leg up in the air as the other hand guides his lubed up cock right into the snug little home of his extremely tight manhole. Trent looks like he's in heaven as Fabian plumbs the depths of his nerve filled hairy hallway, gyrating into his crack faster and faster until he's ready to get even deeper. Fabian ushers Trent onto all fours where he squats over him - standing on the mattress - and points that swollen dick head at the sweet blackness and begins his ultimate descent. Filling Trent up from above, Fabian looks like he's hitting parts of Trent he's never felt before. He screams aloud and holds onto the bed for dear life as Fabian works the walls and the middle like it's been his lifelong job. As fit as he is, one can only keep up this kind of strenuous physical activity for so long. So, Fabian lays back against the headboard, and it's Trent's turn to squat over him as they passionately suck face and his hole clenches Fabian's rock hard dick; bouncing up and down and milking his prostate. Finally, Trent has taken all he can. The tip of his cock nearly blows off as torrents of molten hot cum spray out all over Fabian's flawless tan body. He is cheered on by the guy who's dick is still inside him, feeling the constrictions as that huge amount of semen is unloaded all over the place. This turns Fabian on so much that he quickly pushes Trent down to lay on the bed. He jumps up to his feet and hovers over him, jerking a propulsive load of his own all over Trent's face getting quite a bit of it into his open hungry mouth.

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