Jacob Master Fucks Caspter - By Nakedfrathouse

Added: 2011-06-10 09:35:01

Submitted By: Anonymous

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WHOA! This is one hot all out fratboy fuckest. Jacob Slader returns to the Frat House over Christmas to get his holiday deserts: A piece of Casper Sloan's sweet twink ass. Now Jacob Slader's got one massive cock, and he definitely knows how to use it. These two waste no time before they're ripping each others' clothes off and Casper is gagging himself on Jacob's monster cock. Jacob slams his cock all the way down Casper's eager throat before spinning him over on the bed and burying his face in Casper's cheeks. Moaning in ecstasy, Casper asks Jacob to fuck him with his monster tool. More than happy to oblige, our power top gives Casper a pounding he won't soon forgot. This is some hot, rough, deep and sweaty action. Jacob pounds Casper every which way but upside down before he pulls his giant meat out for some more oral pleasure. Then, the fuck master shoves the pussy bottom down and goes at it doggy style. Finally, unable to hold back Jacob pulls out and sprays his load all over Casper's tight ass. All the while Casper grins at the major fuck sensation he's just had.

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