Locker Room Jock Fuck - By Brazilian Studz

Added: 2011-04-26 10:50:01

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Shortly after finding his seat Tommy takes off into the inner sanctum of the stadium. What he finds is a small locker room occupied by Esteban Paes and Mateus Fogaca. The soccer jocks are chatting and it is quickly turning hot as they start to grope each other a little bit. When Mateus notices Tommy spying he calls him out. When Tommy starts rubbing Estebanís shoulder, though, Esteban points to the ground and pulls out a heavy handful of soft cock. Tommy goes to town. Mateus isnít one to pass up a good thing, though, and he pulls his meat out for head before then dropping to his knees to return the favor. Esteban cops a squat on the bench and shows off his big dick. His fat ass-spreader sticks up past his fucking nipples and is almost too big around to grip! He strokes off long enough that I was beginning to think Alexander hadnít been able to convince Tommy to sit down on it. Alexander didnít let us down, though. Tommy takes it like the true bottom that he is. Once heís been stretched out real good he turns around and starts sucking on the fat cock he just pulled out of his ass while Mateus steps up to take a turn in that hole. Esteban has this odd but hot habit of smacking Tommy in the face during his blow job. The scene ends with three of the heaviest loads Iíve seen in a while. The guys shoot on the locker room bench. You can literally hear the cum hitting the vinyl. Lucky janitor.

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