Tattooed Leather Stud Gets Revenge - By Dirty Tony

Added: 2012-03-29 06:00:01

Submitted By: Anonymous

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Who's up for playing with my bag of tricks? Slender Dirty Tony star and otter extraordinaire, Seth Fisher and newcomer to my playroom, super buff and tattooed top, Derrick Hanson, meet up today to try on harnesses, do a little rope play and generally fuck the living hell out of each other. I can't wait for the games to begin! Derrick finds my long cabled rope and quickly throws it around the back of Seth's head, pulling him closer by his shoulders so that he can suck on his tongue for a bit. Next he pushes Seth down and uses the rope to guide his face dangerously close to his big fat swollen hard-on, that Seth instantly exposes by dropping his jeans and burying in a grand deep throating gesture that pushes Derrick's pubes up his nose. Seth let's his cock linger inside his neck while he feels Derrick's pulsating heartbeat and precum seep out and down the back of his esophagus, before pulling his head back and quickly engulfing his entire cock again. Derrick just stands there looking lost in pleasure. Eager to see what Seth is working with, Derrick picks him up and tosses him back on the bed, pulling down his jeans and grasping that huge 9 incher with both hands, trying to fit it all in his face. Surprisingly Derrick is able to swallow the whole thing but only sucks his beautiful monster cock for a bit before turning his oral attention to Seth's hairy pink pucker. Evidently a glutton for anilingus, Derrick baptizes Seth's furry anus in saliva running in rivulets down his wooly cheeks. Next he forms his tongue into a point, shoves it as far inside as he can to make out with his asshole. All wet and ready to go, Derrick throws Seth further back onto the bed and slowly slides his spit-covered dick into the tightest canal he's ever felt. Once they are both adjusted to the new arrangement Derrick starts pumping away causing Seth to scream out uncontrollably. Derrick plunges deeply into him and then holds it there pressing down on his prostate and continuing to lick the inside of his mouth. Next, Seth decides it's time to show Derrick his balancing skills as he guides that fat cock up his boyhole and takes advantage of gravity to bounce - smashing his innards and making stars swirl around both of their heads. Finally Derrick leans Seth back and holds his legs in the air while pulverizing his rectum and jerking Seth's giant cock until he forces super-soaker-squirt after squirt of molten hot jizz to fly off camera. Derrick is so turned on by his unfettered ability to make Seth cum that he rips his cock out from the confines of his velvet goldmine and jerks a huge slippery series of explosions to spray across Seth's furry torso, landing in his armpit and open mouth. In the aftermath, Derrick leans forward and licks up the mess he made and then proceeds to make out with Seth. So fucking hot!!!

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